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Nuclear Power vital to address the challenge of providing secure, affordable, and reliable energy in a climate reliable manner: Chairman PAEC at International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in 21st Century in Washington D.C, Organized by IAEA.                                                                         PAEC Cancer care hospitals observe Breast Cancer awareness month: multiple events arranged all across the country.                                                                         PAEC under IAEA-FAO aegis to develop an emergency support package in applying Nuclear Science for investigating flood impact on soils, crops, and the potential spread of animal and zoonotic diseases.                                                                         The largest science celebration of the country, the Lahore Science Mela concludes: PAEC participation and display appreciated, visited by a large number of people.                                                                        


66th IAEA General Conference

Pakistan Stall at 57th IAEA GC & Exhibition

Pak-CERN Collaboration

World Cancer Day

66th General Conference (GC) at IAEA

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission