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  • Reliable Energy

    In Pakistan, including recently grid connected K-3, total six Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) are operational. Among these six, four NPPs (C-1, C-2, C-3, & C-4) of cumulative 1,330 MWe capacity are located at the Chashma Nuclear Power Generating Station (CNPGS). The two NPPs (i.e., K-2 & K-3) of the total 2,290 MWe capacity are recently constructed near KANUPP*. K-2 operates commercially since May, 2021 and K-3 has achieved the milestone of first grid connection. This new nuclear power station of twin units is termed as Karachi Nuclear Power Generating Station (KNPGS).

    The performance of a power plant can be assessed from its annual capacity factor and availability factor. Since their start, PAEC NPPs at CNPGS have performed excellently, as can be assessed from the station overall capacity factor and availability factor during last four years. Currently, KNPGS units are less than a year old and annual value of their performance indicators are yet to be available.

    *Pakistan’s first NPP that was permanently shut-down in 2021 after 50-year of safe operation.

    Reliability Factor